3 Auto Repair Marketing Mistakes
That Can Cost You Big Bucks

When you're trying to figure out what the best auto repair marketing strategies are, there are 3 mistakes that you definitely avoid.

1) Treating your auto repair marketing like an expense.

Most auto repair shop owners consider their advertising and marketing budget to be a necessary evil, and cringe at the thought of having to spend money on their next promotional project. That's not only wrong-thinking, but the reason most shop owners have that thought in the first place is because they are not properly implementing their marketing plans.

This VERY important. You should NOT be doing any advertising or marketing for your auto repair shop unless you rack the results to determine how much business you received from a particular project. If you don't get sufficient auto repair volume from any one project, it should never be repeated.

Now that you know what works and what does not work, you'll never consider your auto repair marketing and advertising to be an expense ever again. Why? Because you'll now that whenever you spend $10 on a marketing project, you'll be getting back say $75 or $100 in earnings. So that's NOT an expense, it's an investment, and one with a huge profit return.

2) Thinking this is all about you.

When an auto shop owner tries to envision what their customers are most interested in so they can  better target their auto repair marketing and advertising messages, they mistakenly come to the conclusion that they should tell the potential customer about how good they are, how skilled their mechanics are, what new high tech equipment they have, etc.

The truth is that the potential auto repair customer cares to some small extent about those types of things, but what they are MAINLY interested in is how you, your mechanics, and your fancy new high tech equipment can actually be of benefit to them. In other words "what's in it for them?" So, if you want to mention those items, you MUST include exactly how the customer will benefit. For example, if you want to mention that you have new wheel alignment equipment, you can explain that this equipment is faster and more accurate than the older type of equipment and this will save them a lot of waiting around for the job to be completed and also give them better tire wear and mileage than they were getting before, saving them lots of money on tires.

3) Not taking proper advantage of Internet marketing possibilities for more customers.

If you're like most auto shop owners, when you think about auto repair marketing or advertising, you mind immediately goes to newspaper ads, coupon mailings, radio ads, or the yellow pages. Most shop owners don't give Internet marketing a second thought, or if they do, they think that's it's too complicated and difficult for them to have any success with it.

Omitting Internet marketing from you auto repair marketings plans is like saying you'll operate your shop without the use of a lift or floor jacks. You might be able to get by without them, but it would extremely costly in the area of job time and of course profits.

If you don't know enough about the Internet to make use of its tremendous profit potential for your auto shop, that's no excuse as you can very easily employ an expert like myself to take care of everything for you. You auto repair business can benefit greatly, so don't put it off.

There are of course other auto repair marketing mistakes that you could make, but these three above are very common, and they can easily be avoided.

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