How To Boost Your Auto Repair Sales
With a Simple Business Plan

Some people think that the only time a business plan can be beneficial to your auto repair business is when you are just starting out. This kind of thinking leads to completely forgetting about a business plan if it was not done when the business was opened, or when the new owner purchases an ongoing auto repair shop.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You can benefit TREMENDOUSLY from a business plan no matter when it is put together, so if you have never created one before now, make sure that you correct that serious mistake as soon as possible.

How can your auto repair marketing efforts benefit from a business plan? Well there are several ways, but I'll list just a few of them below.

1) You'll have a well thought out map of how you will market your shop, and if you do it right, your map will be based on some actual market research that is easy to do.

2) You'll know exactly how much you can afford to spend on your auto repair marketing efforts and budget accordingly, so you won't be guessing about the amount or wildly going from high to low, to no expenditures, as you try to balance spending with your current cash flow.

3) You'll have a very clear vision of what type of customer you want to go after, and why, and you'll also have figured out exactly how you'll reach that particular type customer.

4) You'll be able to calculate with reasonable accuracy how your auto repair business will grow based on projected auto repair sales. Be conservative in these calculations so as to be realistic and not set yourself up for future disappointment.

5) Your auto repair marketing will have a set path on which you can proceed, so you won't have to spend that much time thinking about what you want to do each month. You can just refer to your business plan and see what should be scheduled and do it.

It is not as difficult as many auto shop owners think to put a business plan together. In fact it is pretty easy, considering the great advantage it will give you in your auto repair sales. There are several good, inexpensive books available at your local bookstore on the subject. Just go there and browse through them, then select the one that seems to be easiest to implement.

Just remember that when you're putting your business plan to paper, you'e not creating it to impress some bank loan officer so that you can get money to buy or start your business. You're doing it solely for your own benefit in order to improve your auto repair marketing results and to increase your profits.

One last thing. Don't forget when you're creating your plan to include auto repair marketing on the Internet as that is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies you can possibly use.


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