How Your Customer's "Feelings", Not the
of Your Auto Repair Work, Can Be
the Key to Repeat Jobs and Referrals

Don't get the impression from the title of this article that high quality auto repair work is not that important. Of course it is, and you won't be in business very long if you get the reputation of providing low quality, non professional, shoddy workmanship. Any auto repair marketing that you do will be virtually a waste of time if that is the reputation you create.

Here's what I really mean. I'll give you an example of a TV ad that is put out by one of the top paint manufacturers, and you'll get a better idea of what I'm talking about and how this can benefit your auto repair sales.

The TV ad is short and to the point. It simply shows a few seconds of a young mother looking at the walls of her daughter's bedroom with a despondent expression on her face. Much like a customer might look when the visit your auto repair shop seeking your help. Then the next scene shows the mother and her daughter standing in the middle of the room, with an obviously different coat of paint on the walls, and two cans of the manufacturer's paint at their feet along with the usual painting tools.

But what makes the commercial so powerful is the changed expression on the mother's face.
She is beaming from ear to ear, her eyes are sparkling with happiness, and she just lights up the screen with her presence. Her daughter is also shown with utter joy oozing from her.

Nothing had to be said about how great the paint was. It was the "feelings" that the paint generated that did the talking, and since the log for the paint brand was know by most people, all they ad to do was show it enlarged at the end of the ad.

This is how you want your auto repair customers to feel when they came to pick up their vehicles. And it's not very hard to achieve. A lot of auto shop owners in the auto repair industry take customers for granted, and even though they treat them nicely, don't put much effort into making them "feel" special.

A few seconds spent telling the customer you understand how they must feel about their misfortune in needing the repair, . . . . .or taking a minute or two to explain in layman's language exactly what is wrong with their vehicle, and what needs to be done to repair it, . . . . . . or calling
them to update them on the progress of their repair if it will take more than a day, and other such "personal" touches that don't cost you a dime, will go a long way to-wards creating that "feeling" in your customer that makes him/her want to use your shop for the rest of heir life and to refer any and everyone that they come in contact with.

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