Why Using Customer Testimonials In Your
Auto Repair Marketing Plan Can Be Like
Guaranteed Money In The Bank

Ask any marketing expert, and they'll tell you that customer testimonials are one of the most effective marketing tools you could ever use for your auto repair business.

Whether you're marketing your auto repair shop offline in the newspaper, radio, or on TV, or are using the tremendous power of the Internet, they provide evidence of how good your auto repair services are from a source other than yourself. It's fine to tell potential auto repair customers how great you are, but it's much better when they hear that from actual people, just like them, who have experienced it first-hand.

Think about how you yourself react to testimonials. I'm sure that you much more likely to use the services of some business if you read about the positive comments other potential customers had to say. It's human nature. It gives us a feeling of trust and confidence in the business.

It's not very difficult to get testimonials from your auto repair customers, ans you don't have to beg them either. An easy way to accomplish this is to simply ask them to fill out a brief "satisfaction questionnaire" when their repair job is complete. This is very acceptable in the auto repair industry, as well as other types of businesses. Don't make it long, just a few questions are all that is necessary, and make sure that they are not "yes" or "no" questions but ones that require the customer to make a written answer of at least a couple sentences.

Ask them to include things like what was wrong with their vehicle, why they chose your auto repair shop, how you might have saved them time or money, why they think your work is superior to other repair shops, how they felt about the repairs to completed, etc. Make sure they don't just say "xyz" repair shop is great. or "John" does a great job, I'm happy with his work.

You can offer some type of "gift" or incentive for them completing the form, if you feel better doing that. This can be an actual item with a reasonable perceived value that you can acquire cheaply (there are usually local companies that specialize in supplying such items in most cities), or you can give them a discount on a future service, or a completely free future service that does not cost you much in the way of time or parts.

Be sure to get their permission to use their comments in any auto repair marketing that you do. One easy way to do this is to have that permission written at the bottom of the questionnaire and to simply have them sign off on that when they have completed the form.

When using the testimonials, include the name, job position, and company name if the customer is a prominent person from another business, or the city, state, and zip if the customer is a regular private party. Never use the customers home or business street address so as to avoid any "wackos" trying to contact them.

So how and where would you use these testimonials in your auto repair marketing strategy? Well, you can frame them and hang them on the wall of your shop for customers to see, you
can use them in any print advertising you do, and you can and should use them on your web site. You do have a web site don't you? Some web sites have a separate pages for testimonials, and others integrate the testimonials into the layout of the regular text. 

Don't let this tremendous money maker lay dormant. Use it sooner than later.

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