Lesson #2

Lies & Keywords

What Are The 2 Biggest Lies About Profiting From a Web Site?

There are a lot of misconceptions, hype, and downright lies that are common when it comes describing how a business can profit from having a web site. Here we’ll deal with what I consider to be the 2 most common and most dangerous ones.

1) Just create a web site and publish it on the Internet and people will see it.
This hallucination is similar to the concept from the movie “Field of dreams”, where it was stated, referring to the building of a baseball field in the middle of a rural farm, “If you build it, they will come”.

The fact is, “No!”, they will NOT come just because you build a web site and put it on the Internet. This would be just like putting up a billboard advertising your business in the middle of the Sarah desert. How many people do you think might see it there? Maybe one of two nomads who get lost? How much business do you think you’ll get from that exposure? That’s right, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners don’t realize this, and pay someone to build a web site and put it on the Internet, only to end up getting no business whatsoever from it. This does NOT have to be the case, as a web site can be a tremendous profit center if it is constructed properly as a “Direct Response” web site, and is maneuvered onto the top pages of Google and the other search engines.

You can do this yourself if you take just a little time and effort to learn what is required to be effective, and get the same results as my clients I build web sites for.
2) Just get your web site ranked on the top pages of the Search Engines and profits will start to flow.

This misconception is also very common, and businesses that do get their web site listed on the top pages of the search engines think that they now have a license to print money, as they will automatically begin to get a flood of profits.

This unfortunately is not necessarily the case, as there are several other factors that determine whether or not your web site will be profitable. One of the MAIN factors is whether or not you have a “Direct response” web site, or just a regular “brochure” type web site. You’ll discover later in this E-course what the difference is, and why it is critical that you have a “Direct Response” type web site.

Being seen by a lot of Internet users does NOT necessarily mean that any of them will want to do business with you. If your web site is not properly structured, it’ll have the same results as a menacing drifter trying to “thumb” a ride on the side of a very busy highway. Lots of traffic, but no takers. This course will teach you how to change that.

What Are Keywords, and How Can You Profit From Them?

As you know from the previous lesson, when we were discussing how the search engines work, people type in a certain word or phrase when looking for specific information on a business, product, or topic. These words or phrases are called “keywords”.

Keywords are important because they tell us how people are searching for a particular business, product, or topic, and allows us to fashion the content on our web site to get the search engines to determine that our site is very relevant to the “keyword” being searched. If done correctly, that is a major part of getting your web site to the top pages of the search engine results.

When people are searching for an auto repair business in your local area, different people may use different “keywords”. For example, some people will use the keyword phrase “auto repair your city”, where “your city” is the city that they are located in, while others may use “auto repair in your city”, “auto repair shop your county”, “auto mechanic your city”, or any number of other configurations.   

Since I do a lot of keyword research for clients, I can tell you from experience that there is usually one or two keyword that are used more than the others. That does not mean that we ignore the other types of keywords.

To give you some examples of how many people are looking for information related to auto repair service in various cities, here are the recent broad match results after doing some key word research for “auto repair city” where “city” is the city listed below.

Houston (TX)  710 broad match searches each month            
Atlanta (GA)  440 broad match searches each month
San Diego (CA)  1,410 broad match searches each month
Denver (CO)  790 broad match searches each month
Seattle (WA)  360 broad match searches each month
Cincinnati (OH)  550 broad match searches each month
Nashville (TN)  480 broad match searches each month

And I could continue this list into the thousands, but obviously we don’t have the space here to do that, nor would I want to spend the time to research that many cities.

Now I don’t want you to get the idea that EVERY city and town in the United States has that many broad match searches each month for auto repair, because if your business is in a small city or town, the number of searches will obviously be significantly less simply because the total population there is significantly less.

But even if you were in a small town and you only had say 30 searches each month for auto repair related information, and you were able to get only half of those people to come into your shop and do business with you, I’m sure you would definitely want to have an EXTRA 15 NEW CUSTOMERS each and every month and the stack of money they would earn you, wouldn't you? If you didn’t answer “Yes” to that question, you're either too rich already or you need to be examined to determine the level of your sanity :-)

Google used to provide a free online tool that allowed you to research how many searches were being conducted each month for a particular "keyword" but have since restricted its use to only those people using their AdWords Pay Per Click advertising service.

If you'd like to find out how many people are searching each month for auto repair information in your city or town, using “auto repair (your city)”. I’ll be more than happy to take the time to do it for you and let you know, with no cost or obligation. Just send me an e-mail to gordon(at)auto-repair-marketing.com, put “City Count” in the Subject Line, and state in the e-mail what the name of your City or Town is, and the State, as the names of some Towns and Cities are the same in more than one State, and I will check how many searches are being done and get the results e-mailed back to you within 48 to 72 hours. (PLEASE NOTE: In order to protect the e-mail address from "harvesting" by spammers, it has purposely not been made into a "live" link.  Please therefore copy and paste the address into your "Send to" box in your e-mail, and replace "(at)" with "@".)

Keywords are the "foundation" of anything you do on the Internet. Omit this step and you're doomed to failure. But if you do your keyword research before you attempt to attract business from the Internet, you'll be on the right path to tremendous success.

Do you understand everything that was discussed in his lesson?
Do you have any questions about the information just covered?

If you have any questions about what we’ve covered so far, other Internet marketing questions, or just about marketing in general, I’m always available to you to answer a question or to help you understand something more completely, so don’t hesitate to ask for my help. And it’s free. My e-mail address is, gordon(at)auto-repair-marketing.com.
(PLEASE NOTE: In order to protect the e-mail address from "harvesting" by spammers, it has purposely not been made into a "live" link.  Please therefore copy and paste the address into your "Send to" box in your e-mail, and replace "(at)" with "@". Thank you.)

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