Lesson #5

The Secret That Many Web Site Designers Won’t Tell You

Why You Need To Work At Keeping Your Site Ranked

This lesson will be a short one today, but none-the-less an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT lesson, as failure to take the advice given may lead to your web site eventually dropping in the search engine rankings, never to be seen again.

Remember that the majority of people who search on the Internet for a local business never go past the first or second page. The ones that do go to page 3, or even in more rare instances to page 4 and beyond, will typically ignore those listings unless the site has a VERY compelling title and description, and head back to the first two pages of the listings to initiate their business.

Many people who design web sites would fail to tell you that it’s not a create-it and forget-it proposition. Google™ displays sites for one reason and for one reason ONLY...they determine that the site is relevant and beneficial to the person doing the searching. So, you MUST continue to actively improve your web site’s profile in the search engine's “eyes” for the particular keywords you want to rank high for.

Three of the main criteria that Google™ uses to decide if or where they will list your web site in the search results is, relevance of the site content, quality and quantity of links to the site content, and the freshness of that content. That means in order to remain top ranked by Google™ (and other search engines) and continue to show up on the first or second page, or better yet, in the top five positions, you MUST continue to add relevant quality content to your site, as well as more incoming links. You must NOT leave your site stagnant with the same original content and links, or Google™ will consider your site to be “stale” and it will fall sharply in the search result rankings.

You don’t have to make the new content an intricate part of your web site, or to even have a navigation bar listed along with your other navigation bars, that allow people to access those pages. As long as they are included in your “site map”, and have at least one link per page going to and from one of your other main pages, Google™ will treat these new additional pages as part of your site, and determine that you are adding fresh content to it.

You don’t have to go crazy with this though. Probably one additional new web page per month, or one new page every two weeks,  should be sufficient to keep Google™ satisfied. And of course, these pages should be created with the proper keyword insertions. But don’t make the mistake of using your top keyword, because you don’t want people searching for that keyword to land on a secondary page. You want them to land on your main page, as your main page should be set up to maximize visitor retention, and ultimately their conversion to being your customer.

And as I mentioned, you should ALSO add some extra links back to your site each and every month, because if no new links are added, your site will appear to Google™ as if it is no longer attracting new people who deem it important enough to link to it. Again, no need to go overboard, just a reasonable amount of new links per month should be sufficient.

Both of these factors go into the calculation of whether or not to keep your site listed where it is in the search results, or to move other sites past it to a higher ranking, thereby dropping your site lower in the listings.

You might be able to get away without doing much of this “maintenance work” for a short while and not experience a  substantial drop in your search result ranking, as long as no other sites relevant to the keywords you are targeting come online. But if other relevant sites get published, and they are better qualified for your targeted keywords in the area of relevant content and incoming links, they will be ranked higher than your site which will be pushed further and further down in the listings.

And don’t forget that other existing sites, that are targeting the same keywords that you are, will be working at getting their ranking improved so they can move up in the search results listing. So, unless you continue to add quality relevant content and new incoming links, your site listing position in the search results might drop like a rock

If other sites are becoming more aggressive in their quest for a higher search results listing, you may have to add more content and more links each month then mentioned above, in order to maintain your position ahead of them in the listing.
I offer my clients the service of having me do all of this work each and every month for them, and I guarantee the results, but it is something you can do yourself if you just reserve a little time each week to work on it. Just don’t try to do everything at one sitting.

If you don't want to do the work yourself but want me to get and keep your business ranked on the top two pages of the Google search results, send me an email and we can discuss it.

Keeping your web site listed in the first two pages of Google's™ search results, will allow your business to continue being exposed to those searching for auto repair in your local area, and that can mean pocketfulls of cash for you.

Do you understand everything that was discussed in his lesson?
Do you have any questions about the information just covered?

If you have any questions about what we’ve covered so far, other Internet marketing questions, or just about marketing in general, I’m always available to you to answer a question or to help you understand something more completely, so don’t hesitate to ask for my help. And it’s free. My e-mail address is, gordon(at)auto-repair-marketing.com. (PLEASE NOTE: In order to protect the e-mail address from "harvesting" by spammers, it has purposely not been made into a "live" link.  Please therefore copy and paste the address into your "Send to" box in your e-mail, and replace "(at)" with "@". Thank you.)

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