Lesson #6

Web Site Content Secrets

What Are the 3 MOST Important Questions All Your
Visitors Want Answered the First Time They Visit Your Web Site?

If you remember, in Lesson 3 we discussed what a “Direct Response” web site was and why it was VITAL to your marketing success to make sure your site was constructed in that fashion and NOT as a “brochure” or “billboard” site.

When a potential customer visits your web site seeking a solution for their auto repair problem, these are the thoughts that are going through their head,. . . .

* Will this shop properly diagnose and understand what I need?
* Is this shop qualified to provide me with excellent workmanship?
* Will this shop be honest and fair, and treat me with respect?
* Can this shop deliver on any promises they make on their site?
* Why is this shop better for me to use than any others?

So, in constructing a “Direct response” web site, here are 3 of the MOST important questions you must answer for your visitors, if you expect to keep their attention and convince them that you are the best option to handle their needs.

Question #1: “Why should I be interested in the services that you offer?”
This question may seem obvious to you now that I have listed it, but most web sites provide NO answers whatsoever to that question. They simply list the services offered.

Question #2: “What kind of results can I expect from this service?”
This question may not seem as obvious to you as the first one, but people, either consciously or sub consciously, want this addressed in order to make a decision.

Question #3: “Are you credible, and do you have the experience to help me?”
Prospective customers want to trust that you will do the job in a highly professional manner. The answer to this question provides them with peace of mind, and is a big factor in their decision making. BUT, make sure that you not only answer the question, but ALSO make it clear how your expertise will benefit them. Remember the “What’s in it for me” rule.

How well you provide the answers to these questions in the text on your web site will mean the difference between whether or not visitors to your site will become valued customers, or click away to another site to find what they are looking for.

The Secret To Writing Winning Text For Your Web Site

People usually make a decision to buy based firstly on emotion, and then confirm that decision with logic. As examples, they’ll decide to buy an article of clothing because it “makes them look great”, or a new software program because it will save them a lot of work and give them more leisure time, then they’ll confirm that decision by concluding that the clothing item may not be there the next time they come to the store, or that the discount on the software program makes it more affordable at this time.

So when you write the content for your web site, use the emotional triggers that your potential customers will identify with in order to gain their attention, then support their emotional interest with solid reasons why they should do business with you. Bear in mind, they are NOT actually there to buy a product or service, they are there to solve a problem, and you want to convey the message that buying your service solves that problem.

If you get his part of your web site creation done correctly, it can mean the difference between unending profits or almost total failure for your web marketing efforts, so pay close attention to what I telling you.

When a prospective customer is searching the Internet and they come across your site, you want them to have an immediate “recognition factor” that this is what the are looking for, that you can solve their problem. This is accomplished by knowing what your typical customer is thinking when their vehicle needs repair. If you understand that, and create your content with that in mind, they will instantly recognize that you know what they need, want and desire.

This reaction is automatically triggered by RAS (Reticular Activating System) of the brain, whether they consciously realize it or not. This section of the brain is constantly active, and determines what we pay attention to. It works like a filter, since we can’t possibly focus on everything that our senses perceive, it targets the things that are important to us in some way.

Here’s an example of how this RAS portion of our brain works. Have you ever purchased a new car, say a Lincoln Continental, or whatever, and all of a sudden you see the same vehicle everywhere you go? It seems like in almost every new batch of vehicles that you pass on the road, you see one that is the same as yours, but you never noticed that before.

That’s the RAS section of your brain automatically activating and filtering out other vehicles, allowing you to see the ones like yours. If you create content that taps into the wants, needs, and desires of your prospective customers, their RAS section of their brain will kick in and lead them to automatically conclude that they have found what they are looking for, and that the solution to their problem is at hand.

If you’re not 100% sure what your current customers were looking for that led them to your shop, simply ask them. If you feel shy about doing this, you can tell them that you’re doing some market research for your business and need their help. And you can even offer them a small gift for providing the response.

The information you derive from such an exercise will be extremely valuable, and you may even learn what you can do in the future to improve your “attractiveness” to new customers.

If you make the effort to create persuasive and benefit laden text copy for your web site, or have it created for you, your new customer and profit results will be many times greater then the shop owners who just don't know any better.

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Do you understand everything that was discussed in his lesson?
Do you have any questions about the information just covered?

If you have any questions about what we’ve cover so far, any other Internet marketing questions, or just about marketing in general, I’m always available to you to answer a question or to help you understand something more completely, so don’t hesitate to ask for my help. And it’s free. My e-mail address is, gordon(at)auto-repair-marketing.com.
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