Lesson #8

An Advertising Secret Weapon

How To Cut Your Advertising Costs To The Bone
While Still Generating The Same Or Greater Benefits From It

Some auto repair shops do no, or very little, advertising at all. They have been around for a long time and rely mostly on previous customers coming back, and on referrals from those customers.

Of course, in so doing, they are missing out on a ton of business that they could profit from by simply spending a few dollars to do some low cost but effective marketing. One of those very effective methods would be having a properly structured, high ranking, “Direct Response” web site to capture a share of all of the “ready-to-do-business” prospective customers who are searching the Internet daily for an auto repair shop to patronize.

If you are one of those shops who do very little, if any, advertising or marketing, I would STRONGLY suggest that you at least set yourself up to take advantage of all the new customers that can be obtained from the Internet searchers.

But, if you normally do some advertising or marketing on a regular basis, you can get a DOUBLE BENEFIT from having a “Direct Response” web site.

You see, whenever you advertise, you have had to provide enough information in that ad to convince the reader, viewer, or listener, to visit or call your shop to do business with you. This results in a high expenditure because you can’t accomplish that in a small newspaper ad, or in a radio or TV ad that’s just a few seconds long.

But once you have your “Direct Response” web site set up, you can include your web site address in your ads or promotions, and direct the reader, viewer, or listener to go there for more detailed information, and maybe even for a discount coupon.

That would considerably reduce the space or time needed for your ad or promotion, and you could cut your costs DRAMATICALLY

If you do radio or TV ads, and you obtain a catchy web site address (domain name), that web site address will be remembered by ten times more people than would have even faintly remembered your shop name or phone number, and you can obtain those improved results with a much shorter, and therefore MUCH cheaper ad cost.

If you place ads in a local newspaper, most auto repair shops will list coupons detailing some special offers that the reader can cut out and bring to the shop. If you list your web site prominently in your ad, you can significantly reduce the size of the ad by simple listing the discount specials instead of having to make them into coupons, and indicate that the coupons for the discounts are available for printout at your web site.

You also get a BONUS BENEFIT for doing this. Not only do you save space in your ads and therefore save a LOT of money, but you ALSO create additional visitors to your web site who you can convince to “opt-in” to your data base in order to receive the coupons and some additional valuable information, so that even if they don’t become a customer at that time, they will likely become one in the future because of your ongoing email contacts that build trust and a relationship.

Your “Direct Response” web site can also provide some substantial FREE advertising. You should place your web site address on everything to do with your business.

* Place it on your business cards and indicate what is available for visiting your site.
* Place it on your cash register receipt (if you have a cash register). This can usually be  done every easily, and if you don’t know how, a quick call to the company will have someone walk you through the procedure.
* Place it prominently on your Invoices, whether or not they are pre-printed or you use a computer to print them out after each job.

If you do this, it will allow you to point customers and potential customers to your web site in order for you to capture their contact information, and continually market to them free of charge via emails, when normally some of those people would be lost in the land of the nameless and unknown.

And here’s ANOTHER BENEFIT. Instead of spending a small fortune in printing and postage to notify your clients about a special promotion at your business, if you have been diligently collecting your customer’s contact information, you can simply send out an email for FREE to all of those customers.  So any business you get will be a lot more profitable because you don’t have any mailing costs to reduce your gross profits.

I’m sure it’s been pretty obvious to you that if you don’t have a “Direct Response” web site that you need to get one right away..........and if even you already have a web site, it’s 99.99% likely to be an ineffective “brochure” or "billboard” type of site, so you need to covert it to a “Direct Response” site immediately.

I’ve given you the information you need to either build a web site yourself or to fix one you might already have, so you have no excuses. The longer you wait, the more money you’re losing.

And if you wish to learn more about what a Direct Response website is, send me an email, if you have not done so already, and ask me for my FREE brief but very valuable White Paper Report entitled, "Why Your Local Business Website May Never Make You a Dime - How To Correct 14 Costly Mistakes 99% Of Business Owners Make With Their Website".

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