5 Inexpensive Old Fashioned Auto Repair Marketing Strategies That Still Work Tremendously Well

Before all the new high tech ways to promote your auto repair business came along, there
were a few marketing strategies that, when properly implemented, resulted in a lot of new
customers. These auto repair marketing strategies were very inexpensive, and they still are,
but more importantly, they work just as well as they did years ago even though many shop owners have pushed them to the side.

That's actually a great benefit for you, because if a lot less people are using them that means
that competition will be low and your efforts will be a lot more effective. Here are the old fashioned marketing strategies you should seriously consider implementing.

1) Use proper business cards properly.

By proper business cards I mean business cards that "sell", not the normal cards that most
businesses print up. Your cards should have a "benefit" that your customer will get when they
have you perform their auto repair word, in addition to the required name, address, and phone

So what do you do with these "proper" cards? You leave them at locations where there are a
lot of people walking by, like grocery stores, shopping malls, gas stations, laundromats, post offices, etc.

Make sure that you get your cards printed at a good price so that your cost per card is minimal.
There are some resources available through the Internet that specialize in printing business
cards and their prices are very cheap.

2) Use promotional pens.

The same advice applies to these as to business cards. Make sure that some benefit to your
potential auto repair customers is included in what is printed on each pen. Everyone is always
Looking for a pen, so leave one where ever you go, including the same places suggested for
your business cards, as well as your bank, dry cleaners, etc.

3) Brand your vehicle(s).

Whether you have just one vehicle that you use in connection with your auto repair shop, or
if you have more than one, obtain and place a magnetic sign on both sides of each vehicle
that identifies your business name, phone number and web site address. You DO have a
web site don't you?  As you drive around town, your signs will be seen by multitudes of people
and at least a few of them will be needing auto repair work done.

4) Give out refrigerator magnets.

Hand out refrigerator magnets to all of your customers with the instructions to place in on
the refrigerator in their kitchen so they'll have your phone number handy. The REAL reason
though is that you want your name ad contact information to be seen by all their family and
friends whenever they come over to visit.

5) Provide calenders to selected customers.

Have calenders with your name, contact information, including your web site address, as
well as the very important "benefit" to your auto repair customers, printed up. Hand these
out only to customers who work in an office environment with other employees around them,
and instruct them that it's for their desk at their work place. The latter is important because you
want to implant in their mind where the calender should be placed, and putting it n their home
is not likely to get a lot of "views" as most people don't have calenders in their "public living"

Since all of these strategies are relatively inexpensive, it does not take a lot of business from
any one of them to make the investment profitable.

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